Green Valley Dairy

Generations of Farming...

Just a few miles down the road from its very own shop doors is where Green Valley Country Store's roots began. Home to now five generations of the Weltner family, Green Valley Dairy rests amongst the rolling green acres of Gas Valley Road.

For well over 100 years the Weltner Family has continued to raise and milk Holstein cattle as a means of living. Once an independent retailer, Green Valley Dairy sold and delivered glass bottles of milk and homemade batches of ice cream straight from the milkman himself, Albert "Sonny" Weltner.

Today, Green Valley Dairy remains in operation in producing milk for larger distributors. After Sonny "semi-retired", his youngest child Farin Weltner took on management. In between running the farm and raising three boys, Farin and her husband Jason have put all of their remaining energy into the design and preparation for their latest business endeavor, Green Valley Country Store.

Green Valley Country Store

Continuing the Legacy...

Located in the small downtown square of Hookstown, Pennyslvania, Green Valley Country Store sits beside the local post office amidst the backdrop of a beautiful farming community. Prior to its new name and ownership, the physical building of Green Valley Country Store has been locally referred to as "The Old Hookstown Feed Store". For years the building has passed through different ownerships, but has always maintained its service as the local feed and supply store for farms and families of Beaver County.

In November of 2020, Farin and her husband Jason, along with the help of many friends and family have reopened its doors with a renewed vision under the name Green Valley Country Store.

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"We want a place where locals can come to buy the seed, feed, and fertilizer that grows the corn and hay that feeds the cows and chickens that ends up on your table. It's a holistic model of Farm-to-Table.


- Farin Weltner, Co-Owner & Co-Founder -

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Founders. Owners. Farmers.

Farin Weltner (pictured left)

Farin Weltner is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Green Valley Country Store. She is the daughter and heir to the locally owned and family-operated Centennial Farm in Georgetown, Pennsylvania, Green Valley Dairy. Together, she and her husband, Jason, co-manage the daily operations of the dairy, while overseeing all aspects of Green Valley Country Store. She stands as the Chief Engagement Officer (CEO), and has recently self-titled her position as the "Paperwork Guru". In between product sourcing and public outreach, Farin also experiments in the craft of small-batch ice cream making under the label Uncle Sonny's Ice Cream in honor of her father.

Jason Powell (pictured right)

Jason Powell is the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Green Valley Country Store. Finding more time in a day than most people, Jason's responsibilites are split between the roles of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Visionary Officer (CVO). In between managing the behind-the-scene farm operations at Green Valley Dairy, Jason focuses on the research, development, and design aspects of Green Valley Country Store. He also serves as the lead supervisor for any and all groundwork operations, feed deliveries, and maintenance projects. When Jason is not milking cows, baling hay, or pitching a new product, he dabbles as the Head Brewmaster of a sister-company in the making: Green Valley Distillery.